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Various AC and Bristol spares. Let me know your requirements. Also:
Bristol BWCR 11 gearbox fitted with new CR gears and synchro fixed first plus J type competition overdrive.  
Bristol BWCR 11 gearbox, fully reconditioned with new J type overdrive fitted and fixed first gear.  
Bristol BWCR 13 gearbox, fully reconditioned with fixed first gear.  
Various other Bristol gearboxes, BWCR 5, 7 and CR 2 (some rebuilt with new bearings) available with new CR gears to order. Check availablility on jonathanbradburn@btopenworld.com or 01624 803052  
Bristol FNS gearbox, FNS 18, ex Gerards Nash, ultra close ratios as fitted by Bob Gerard and used in his Frazer Nash, new bearings fitted, standard tail section, normal gear stick.  
Bristol BS1A engine rebuilt with history and low miles.  
Bristol BS1 Mk 2 engine, possibly rebuilt by the time you read this.  
Ford Zephyr engine rebuilt and race prepared with Raymond Mays head and triple Webers, dyno tested  
Bristol BS1 Mk3 engine, in good original order, part rebuilt, can finish to suit.  
Bristol 100B2 engine rebuilt, O/D gearbox also available.  
AC Ace differential, with or without LSD choice of 3.  
Bristol Diffs. choice of 2 including 3.9:1 fitted with new LSD.  
AC Ace front and rear wishbones, new or used.  
AC Ace splined hubs.  
AC Ace new (nearly) steel fuel tank.  
AC Ace front anti-roll bar;  
New Ace or Cobra FIA -over bar;  
7 reconditioned original splined Minilite wheels Cobra , 6 x 15  
New and nearly new ali splined Miniluite wheels Cobra , 6 x 15;  
Cobra wire wheels various;  
2 inch Jaguar SU carbs., 3 off.  
V8 Ford engines various road or race, also gearboxes.  
Ford 289 Hipo engine.  
Ford toploader gearbox.  
Ford Cleveland IDA Manifold.  
Weber IDA carburettors.  
New AC Ace Bristol radiator in aluminium
Lucas regulators, SU electric fuel pumps  
Original and unused brass radiator for Frazer Nash.
Pair Bristol 3 branch exhaust manifolds
AC Ace Ford, new stainless exhaust manifold
Pair Bristol engine Mountings.
Bristol TJ or Vokes oil filter housing
Bristol 400 centre bonnet chrome strip
Bristol 401 Jack
Bristol 100D2 engine available possibly shortly with OD gearbox.  
Various Bristol gearboxes, 85 type, BWCR6, BWCR9, BWCR 11, BWCR12 etc. with or without overdrive.  
Bristol Overdrive gearbox with remote change, good
Various Ford Zephyr 6 cylinder parts incl complete engines. Possible race engine with Mays head etc.  
'Black Jack' headers for Mustang
3 x 2 inch SU carbs
Pair SU carbs 1.5 inch on inlet manifold for Mays head
4 x BMW BBS Mahle Wheels for 2000/2002 etc 7J X 15
AC Ace 16 inch wires 4.5 x 16 inch, rebuilt or un rebuilt or new.
Cobra wires, Cobra Minilites  
'Bristol cylinder heads, 100D or D2, 100B2, FNS, BS and others some reconditioned and/or gas flowed and fitted with new valves etc. Possibly some ex factory new/ little used Bristol cylinder heads and cylinder blocks available.
Bristol 2 litre hub caps       price each
Pair Girling type 16/3 callipers good
Various Bristol 85/100A/100B/100D/BS engines generally available.  
Set of 4 new Halibrand 7.5 inch mag. alloy peg drive wheels with adapters and spinners incl. lock pin to fit Ford Mustang - Cobra.
Used Halibrand 7.5 inch peg drive wheels.  
New Halibrand wheel spinners.  
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